Dads Do Dinner - Cookalong with Rachel Allen and Andrew Lahart

June 23, 2021 5:30 PM

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This course will be streamed live.
1h 30m
Rachel Allen

Fitness and health are very much tied into what you eat (or don't eat) and therefore having the skills and knowlege of what to cook can give you a great advantage on your fitness journey. Andrew Lahart, best known for his Bullet Proof Dad fitness program, has joined up with Rachel Allen but this time to focus on the food.

Rachel will be hosting this cookalong that is aimed at getting busy Dads into the kitchen and more involved in what they and their family are eating.

Andrew will be online to provide nutritional informaiton about the meal and give some advice about what to eat and when to eat as part of a training schedule.

Join Andrew and Rachel to learn some simple recipes that are delicious but also super nutritious that the whole family can enjoy.

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