What you've all been waiting for...


In this recorded cookery demonstration Darina Allen and Pat Browne cook a BBQ Feast For All The Family.


Cooking on a BBQ really delivers such a deeply delicious extra layer of flavour. There is also something about eating outdoors that makes everything so much more satisfying....fresh air and food is definitely a winning combination.


Book this course to learn how to BBQ a Tomahawk Steak, Chargrill Chicken Paillarde with Aioli and Roast Cherry Tomatoes, #madhurjaffrey Butterflied Leg of Lamb, Tacos with Slow Cooked  Shoulder of Lamb, Mackerel with Charmoula, Halloumi Skewers, Chargrill New Potato Skewers, Chargrilled Peas in a Pod and Goats Cheese in Fig or Vine Leaves.



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